KK-022 Perverted Landlady & Disgusting Man’s Sex Life Rina Fukada


Product release date:	2011/05/05
Duration:	115 minutes
Performer:	Rina Fukada (Rina Fukada)
directed by:	----
series:	----
Manufacturer:	Glory Quest
https://filejoker.net/590ect2rzuco (1613.9 Mb)

The first in the father’s delusion series! The young and beautiful landlord of the Boro apartment, and the disgusting fathers of the rent delinquent residents who repeat sexual harassment one after another. You can walk in the corridor naked and make him grab a blow job, or you can go out with an evening drink and forcibly commit it. The landlord who cannot refuse is treated as a sex doll at will. However, the landlord remembered being sexually harassed by the masturbation story that night … And from the next day, the landlord’s metamorphosis dirty counterattack begins.

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