KGDV-23 Gunji Kawasaki Series – Lustful Family – Sexy Gulls of the Harbor


Delivery start date:	2008/02/17
Product release date:	----
Duration:	85 minutes
Performer:	Akiko Kirishima Yuko Tachibana Kanami Hiyoshi Junko Minami Keiko Minami Ryoko Mita
directed by:	----
series:	Gunji Kawasaki series
Manufacturer:	Graffiti Japan (1817.5 Mb)

A nasty battle by 6 erotic women in a lustful port town drawn by the genius Gunji Kawasaki! !! One day, the inn’s son, Ryohei, witnesses the inn’s maid greedy with her father! Ryohei, driven by lust, commits a female college student who came to sightseeing

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