JUKD-963 Degenerated Shoplifting Wife

JUKD-963 Degenerated Shoplifting Wife

Product release date:	2008/11/07
Duration:	118 minutes
Performer:	Megumi Kawashima
directed by:	Satoshi Nagashima
series:	Fallen shoplifting wife
Manufacturer:	Madonna
https://filejoker.net/p3uc6f21vcwu (1500.0 Mb)
https://filejoker.net/4meqljtn6ax8 (1030.9 Mb)

After running off with her husband, who was an actor’s egg, Gumi returned to the venerable Mizuno family after her father inherited the house. However, her husband, who was dazzled by his fortune, lost his ambition, and Megumi began shoplifting around this time and was finally caught by the guards. Megumi who is threatened in the office and forced to act obscenely and is hurt. In addition, Tabuchi, a corporate lawyer who trusted and spoke everything, was also raped. Gumi loses what she believes and shoplifts again according to the desire that overflows from her body

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